Friday, 24 October 2014

Keylime Pie

Key lime pie

After having a little discussion with my gaming friends, one of them mentioned that they were eating Key lime Pie and posted a photo of it. It looked amazing and I just wanted to try some so badly. It's not readily available in the stores here so I thought why not try making it. I'm so glad that I did as it was quick, easy and very very tasty :) I'll definitely be making this again and I hope you try it too :)

1 can of condensed milk 397g
2 egg yolks
10 digestive biscuits and five ginger nut biscuits (crushed) you can use only digestives if you wish.
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)
2 limes and zest and juice from both of them.
2 Tablespoons of melted butter (or more if needed) 

Method and preparation :

Pre heat the oven to 160

Put the biscuits in a zip lock bag and beat them with a rolling pin until you get fine crumbs.

Add butter to a pan and melt it on a low heat.
Once the butter has melted , add the biscuit crumbs and mix them gently until it resembles wet sand.

Now pour the biscuit crumbs into the pie dish and press it down firmly on the base and around the edges.

Now bake the base for only ten minutes and let it cool completely ( can be refrigerated while you make the filling )

Now add the egg yolks in a large mixing bowl.

Add the the condensed milk and whisk together.

Wash the limes and zest them both taking care not to get the white pith as it is very bitter.

Add the zest and juice of both limes and whisk until combined.

Now add your Vanilla extract ( optional) but I love it.

Whisk the mixture until well combined and pour it into the cooled pie crust.

Now bake on the middle shelf for only 15 minutes.

Remove and cool completely.

Now for the hardest part.. EEEK.. yup sorry folks I know you're desperate to tuck in but ... you need to chill it in the fridge for 1...2...3.... YES three hours before you you can eat it as it needs to set properly and trust me, you do not want to eat this pie warm, it's not the same. It's worth the wait please believe me ;).

3 hours later:

Slice it up and serve with a dollop of whipped cream. I find this pie rich enough so I gave the cream a miss but hey.. treat yourself ;).

Enjoy :)

I hope you try this recipe it's really tasty .

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