Saturday, 20 April 2013

Quorn filling for spring rolls and samosas

I thought I'd try out my own filling for spring rolls and samosas and thought Quorn pieces would be delicious in them :) This filling is quick ,easy and very tasty so give it a go :)


Quorn chicken style pieces (As needed)
Mushrooms (sliced)
One sliced Sweet pepper( any colour) I used red.
Sweet corn
soy sauce
2 tsp 3G Paste
1 tsp curry powder (optional)
2 tbsp Olive oil  (you can use flavoured)
Pinch of black pepper

I didn't add any salt as the 3G paste and soy sauce both 
contain salt.

Preparation Method:

Add Olive oil to a large pan and turn the heat up to medium.
Add the Quorn pieces and saute them  for a few minutes.

Now add the Pepper, mushrooms and sweet corn and mix well.
Add in the 3G paste and stir for a minute to take away rawness of ginger and garlic.

Now for the seasoning.

Add a few good splashes of dark soy sauce and mix well.
Now add a pinch of black pepper and the curry powder (if using)
Let this cook for about 2-3 minutes until all the flavours are absorbed.

Finally remove the Quorn pieces and put them on a plate/chopping board and shred the pieces up.

Add the shredded Quorn pieces back into the pan and stir well and cook for a further 2-3 minutes.
Remove the pan off the heat and let the filling cool down before adding it to your Thin and Crispy Pastry

Roll out your spring rolls and fill them with this delicious mixture and fry them on a medium heat until golden brown.
Enjoy with your favourite dip or chutney :)

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