Sunday, 26 May 2013

My Kinda Mess

This delicious desert is my version of Eton mess, Eton mess is made with whipped cream and all mixed together.
Mine Isn't hehehehe!

Fresh strawberries (that have been frozen) as needed
2 Tsp vanilla sugar
Crushed Meringue as needed 
Vanilla Ice cream

Preparation Method :

Sprinkle the vanilla sugar onto the frozen strawberries and mix through until they are all coated well.

Don't let the Strawberries thaw out completely as we want an icy bite to them :)
Chop them up into rough chunks.

Divide the chopped strawberries into dessert bowls.

Psssst .... see the sugary syrup at the bottom of the bowl that the Strawberries were mixed in??? Don't pour it away ;)

Crush a few meringues up leaving some small chunks.

Divide the meringue between the dessert bowls.

Add 3 scoops of Ice cream into each bowl.

Now drizzle that yummy strawberry vanilla syrup on top of the ice cream scoops and watch it freeze from the cold icecream (I only noticed it today) as I usually make a sauce.
It looks wonderful.

Enjoyyyyyyy :)

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