Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Orange flavoured Sugar

This beautiful orangey citrus sugar is so quick and easy to make and great to use in baking :) Tastes,smells and looks divine. Give it a go.

1 large orange
2 cups of white granulated sugar.

Preparation Method:

Add 2 cups of sugar to an air tight container.
Grate the rind of the orange carefully making sure you don't get the white pith in.
Add the rind to the sugar and shake vigorously to make sure it's mixed well.

That's it :) How easy was that eh.
Now open the jar and be blown away by that gorgeous smell.
The sugar is now ready to use. Don't worry if the sugar goes clumpy, it's just the oils from the orange rind . If your sugar runs low , top it up with more sugar and shake. Add more orange rind if you want a stronger taste :)

Enjoy :) You can also use lemon, lime , lavender , cinnamon, and vanilla to flavour sugar so have a go :)

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